The Collapse

Period Overview

Romulus Augustus

Emperor Romulus Augustus

Life: c. 465 – after 511? Became emperor 31 October AD 475. Abdicated 4 September AD 476. Date of death unknown. Romulus Augustus was the son of Orestes who once …

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Julius Nepos coin

Emperor Julius Nepos

Life: AD ? – 480 Became emperor June AD 474. Died 9 May in Dalmatia AD 480. Julius Nepos was the son of Nepotianus, who had been ‘Master of Soldiers’ …

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Glycerius coin

Emperor Glycerius

Life: AD ? – After 480? Became emperor March AD 473. Deposed by Julius Nepos AD 474. Following the death of Olybrius there was a period of about four months …

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Anicius Olybrius coin

Emperor Olybrius

Life: AD ? – 472 Name: Anicius Olybrius Became emperor March/April AD 472. Wife: Placidia (one daughter; Juliana Anicia). Died November AD 472. Olybrius was a member of the highly …

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Procopius Anthemius coin

Emperor Anthemius

Life: AD ? – 472 Name: Procopius Anthemius Born in Galatia. Consul AD 455. Became emperor AD 467. Wife: Euphemia (a daughter; Alypia). Died on March/April AD 472 at Rome. …

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Libius Severus coin

Emperor Libius Severus

Life: AD ? – 465 Became emperor AD 461. Died on 14 November AD 465 at Dertona. After the death of Majorian there followed a period of over three months …

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Julius Valerius Majorianus - "Majorian" coin

Emperor Majorian

Life: AD ? – 461 Name: Julius Valerius Majorianus Became emperor 1 April AD 457. Died on 7 August AD 461 at Dertona. Little is known of Majorian’s beginnings, although …

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Marcus Maecilius Flavius Eparchius Avitus coin

Emperor Avitus

Life: AD ? – 455 Name: Marcus Maecilius Flavius Eparchius Avitus Born in Gaul. Consul AD 456. Became emperor 9 July AD 455. Died on way to the Alps from …

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Flavius Petronius Maximus coin

Emperor Petronius Maximus

Life: AD c. 396 – 455 Name: Flavius Petronius Maximus Born in AD ca. 396. Became emperor March AD 455. Died at Rome, 31 May AD 455. Petronius Maximus was …

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Flavius Placidus Valentinianus - "Valentinian III" coin

Emperor Valentinian III

Life: AD 419 – 455 Valentinian III was born in AD 419, the son of Constantius III and Aelia Galla Placidia, who was the half-sister of Honorius. With Honorius having …

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Johannes - "John" coin

Emperor John

Life: AD ? – 425 Name: Johannes Birthdate and place unknown. Became emperor in AD 423. Died May/June AD 425. John was a high ranking civil servant of Gothic origin …

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Flavius Constantius - "Constantius III" coin

Emperor Constantius III

Life: AD ? – 421 Name: Flavius Constantius Born in Naissus, birthdate unknown. Wife: Aelia Galla Placidia (one son; Flavius Valentinianus; one daughter; Justa Grata Honoria). Became emperor in AD …

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Flavius Claudius Constantinus - "Constantine III" coin

Emperor Constantine III

Life: AD ? – 411 Name: Flavius Claudius Constantinus Birthdate unknown. Became emperor in AD 407. Died outside Ravenna, AD 411. Nothing is known of Constantine III’s birth lace or …

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Flavius Honorius Bust

Emperor Honorius

Life: AD 383 – 423 Early Life of Honorius Honorius was the second son of Theodosius the Great and Aelia Flavia Flaccilla and was born in AD 383. In AD …

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