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Some say that history repeats itself. Others say it doesn’t repeat so much as rhythms.

Either way, the history of the Roman Empire holds lessons that are timeless, practical, and even cautionary for our modern world.

The Romans shaped our maps, our languages, and our entertainment to this day. To understand them is to understand ourselves. Even in its collapse, the lessons are as pertinent now as they were when Romulus surrendered Rome to the Germans in 476 CE. 

We have created An Illustrated History of the Roman Empire to illuminate and educate. In the story of the Roman Empire, we find many of the seeds of our modern lives, in areas as diverse as engineering, agriculture, public administration, warfare, and culture.

Our Team

Vladimir Vulic – Historian and History Expert

About Us
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Hello, my name is Vladimir Vulic, and I am a part of the Roman-empire writing team.

I am a historian, and history is an integral part of my life.

To be honest, while I was in school, I didn’t like history so how did I end up studying it? Well, for that, I have to thank history-based strategy PC games. Thank you so much, Europa Universalis IV, and thank you, Medieval Total War.

Since games made me fall in love with history, I completed bachelor studies at Filozofski Fakultet Niš, a part of the University of Niš. My bachelor’s thesis was about Julis Caesar. Soon, I completed my master’s studies at the same university.

For years now, I have been working as a teacher in a local elementary school, but my passion for writing isn’t fulfilled, so I decided to pursue that ambition online. There were a few gigs, but most of them were not history-related.

Then I stumbled upon roman-empire.com, and now I am a part of something bigger. No, I am not a part of the ancient Roman Empire but of a creative writing team where I have the freedom to write about whatever I want. Yes, even about Star Wars. Stay tuned for that.

Anyway, I am better at writing about Rome than writing about me. But if you would like to contact me for any reason, you can do it at [email protected]. Except for negative reviews, of course. Just ask for Vladimir Vulic.

Kind regards,

Vladimir Vulic

Colosseum in Rome
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